Full Registration Management Service

Regi’s pricing includes the core services listed below.  Additional services can be provided separately as needed.  We can also provide a quote for a combination of core and additional services.

Core Services

Build Registration Form

  • We analyse your requirements.
  • We build the first cut of the form for reviewing and testing.
  • Finalise the form with any changes required.
  • Prepare to make the form live.
  • For more information on the on-line registration software click here.

Online registration form Live

  • The link is provided for your event website.
  •  Features include:
    • Sending invitations from an existing database.
    •  Secure on-line payment gateway for credit card payments.
    •   Automated email confirmation and invoices sent to the delegates.
    •   Delegate access for update of their details and making payments.

Manage registrations

  • Respond to delegate queries such as:
    • Registration fees.
    • Social function tickets.
    • Field trips.
    • Partner programme tickets.
    • Accommodation.
    • Payment.
    • New Zealand visa applications.
    • And more…!

Financial Management

  • Credit card processing via our merchant account.
  • Process refunds if required.
  • Manage income in secure trust account.
  • Collection of outstanding registration fees.


  • Detailed reports covering numbers for registration, social functions and other activities.
  • Delegate list for distribution at your event.
  • Financial reports:
    • Detailed reports showing income received for registration items to enter against your budget. 
    •   Income reconciliation reports for credit card, direct credit and cheque payments.
    •  Client reports are available online immediately at any time.

Delegate Communications

  •  Emails to delegates to advise changes and updates to the programme.
  •   Invite delegates to register for additional social functions or activities.
  • Invite delegates to register for concurrent sessions to manage room allocations.
  •  Final confirmation email including:
    •  Description of the delegate’s registration details.
    •  Notice of any outstanding monies.
    •  Venue details.
    •  Travel details.
    • A link to the latest programme.

Post Event Wrap Up

  • Collect outstanding fees.
  • Provide final statistical and financial reports.
  • Collect client feedback on Regi’s performance.   

Additional Services

Regi also offers a range of additional services as follows:

Nametags and Tickets

  • Consult with the client to agree:
    • Imagery.
    • Layout.
    • Size.
    •  Content.
    • Name tag holders and lanyard requirements
  • Printing name tags and tickets.
  • Collation and packing of delegate registration packs.

Onsite Registration Desk Management

  • Hand out registration packs.
  • Take onsite payments.
  • Manage additional ticket sales.
  • Deal with delegate enquires.

Online Delegate Survey

  • Confirm questions for the survey.
  • Create the survey.
  • Email survey to delegates.
  • Collate survey results and provide reporting.

Speaker Management

  • Collection of biographies, photos and AV requirements
  • Email confirmation of presentation time slot
  • Email link to register on-line at discounted speaker rate
  • Complete keynote and complimentary speaker registrations
  • Email notes to chairs
  • Sponsorship
  • Email prospectus to potential sponsors
  • Email link to sponsorship and/or exhibition stands online booking form
  • Process sponsorship and/or exhibition stand bookings received via email
  • Confirm sponsorship by email with invoice attached
  • Process and reconcile sponsorship payments
  • Collect outstanding monies
  • Collect contact details and profile information for handbook

Sponsor and Exhibitor Registrations

  • Build online registration form
  • Send link to sponsors and exhibitors with advice of entitlements
  • Manage sponsor complimentary and additional registrations and check against entitlements
  • Manage exhibitor complimentary and additional stand personnel registrations and check against entitlements
  • Confirm registrations by email with invoice attached for additional registrations and social function tickets
  • Collect outstanding monies

Association Membership Administration

  • Maintain and manage membership databases
  • Process membership applications and payments
  • Annual renewals and invoicing
  • Respond to membership and payment queries from members
  • Email communications to members or potential members